What People Are Saying about Us:

"Becoming members of the Nova Cats Rest Assured Program gave us the reassurance and inner calm we needed. It provided us relief, and freedom of worry and anxiety, which is so priceless because our kitties are our family, and we only want the absolute best for them. Meeting with Stefanie was amazing, I felt so at ease, and like I could discuss anything with her. We knew we had made the right decision for our "babies", one where they would be loved, safe, and well taken care of. She gave us the security we so needed, and we are truly grateful for this gift.  Thank you for caring enough to offer this program. Thank you for being our lifesaver!"  

– Lane & Joe
"Stefanie was awesome. My work had me transferred across the earth and I had no one to leave my old girl with. Stefanie was caring, thoughtful and very understanding. This puts my mind to ease and to see my cat got to go to another caring family is just so bitter and sweet at the same time. Highly, highly recommended. If I had to do it all over again...well I am not sure I physically can...but no one better than NoVa Cats Rest Assured!"

– Z. W.
"Stefanie was a total delight to work with - she was responsive, thorough, attentive, and knew our cat inside and out, making our adoption process a breeze. We were provided with detailed medical records from our cat's previous owner that Stefanie had maintained, ensuring an easy transition for everyone involved! Stefanie even offered to serve as a resource during the first few days, which not only was a huge relief, but also showed how much she cared for and truly loved our cat. Should you choose NoVA Cats Rest Assured, I have no doubt that your cat will be loved, comfortable, and given the best possible care. We are so grateful for this organization's amazing work. Thank you for everything, Stefanie!"

– D. & Z.

This business is a godsend for those who want peace of mind for their beloved cats. My 87 yr old mother is independent but there is a chance she will need to move in the near future and pets won’t be allowed. Her cat needs a soft place to land, and NoVa Cats Rest Assured provides that peace of mind! Incredibly ethical, loyal, and committed to the welfare of their charges. Cage free. Pets are loved on all day long. Do not hesitate to get this ‘insurance’ for your pets, or your relative’s pets. BTW, I hate to say it but shelters are full of cats in cages that were supposed to go to family members, after ‘promises were made’. NoVa Cats Rest Assured, on the other hand, already has a stellar track record of going out of their way to do the right thing. This is the spot for your beloved cats. You know they will be safe.

— Sharon N. 

“My immediate family is now deceased and my best friend is unable to take Grace if anything happens to me. I turned to [NVCRA] when I had a health crisis late last year because of Stefanie's integrity. I know NoVa Cats Rest Assured can rehome any cat, because Stefanie is tireless. And from the moment she gets Grace until she is rehomed, I know they will love her, and most importantly, keep my girl out of a cage. NoVa Cats Rest Assured's service is a treasure.”
 – Terri C. 
“I cannot think of anyone I would trust more to take care of my cat if she outlives me than NoVa Cats Rest Assured. For years, Stefanie has been promoting locally adoptable shelter and rescue cats, especially older ones, and it works.  I have worked with Stefanie for many years in the animal welfare field and have seen her skills with many different cats. I plan to leave my 16-year old cat, CeeCee, with Nova Cats Rest Assured, should CeeCee outlive me. I know that she will be in good hands, well taken care of, and loved for whatever time she has left."  
– J.K.
"Uncertain times and a high-risk job mean planning ahead; I'm grateful that Piggy will have a place to go if something happens to me. I'd changed my will several times after breakups, family members' circumstances affecting their ability to take her, etc., so knowing someone as experienced and empathetic as Stefanie is her designated person is a great comfort.  
- Julia G. 

" This is a desperately needed service to give pet owners peace of mind. Stefanie firmly believes in her mission and has years of being a cat foster and advocate."

— Kelly E.