Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is NoVa Cats Rest Assured?  We provide peace of mind for your cat’s future by offering a guaranteed plan if you are no longer able to care for your cat. Sign up for a specific amount of time, and if you need our services during that time, we will welcome your cat with quality care in a cageless home environment, until it can be matched with a well-suited forever home. Bonus: Complimentary boarding is included with every policy!

How are you different from a shelter, rescue, sanctuary?  We are not a facility with dozens of animals, cement floors and cages. NVCRA is located in a private home, and at any given time, will just have a handful of cats or less, so personal attention can be given in a quiet and stress-free environment. Though the state of Virginia recognizes us as a home-based rescue, cats come directly to us from the owner, with arrangements made well in advance of their need.  If you adopted your cat from a rescue, most will take their adoptees back, but saving cats in shelters is understandably their main priority, so it is unlikely the rescue will have an opening when you need it.*If* there is, that place may not be in a foster home. Your cat could still go to a pet store adoption center condo, or other cage facility. Lastly, we are not a sanctuary, as the cats taken in are meant to be rehomed. However, your kitty is welcome to stay and will be well-cared for, for as long as it takes to find them an appropriate match.

Can I sign up if my cat has a medical condition?  Any companion housecat is welcome, with the following caveats. a) If a cat is incontinent, it will be placed in a separate (but not isolated) area. b) In the case of diabetes, due to the high cost of insulin, there is an upcharge that is 100% refundable if the service is not needed. c) FeLV cats will be separated from others but not isolated. 

How does the process work? Upon contract signing, you will fill out a cat personality profile (so we can best match your cat with a future family), supply us with your cat’s up to date vet records (and current senior bloodwork if your cat is 8+.) We will give you several emergency contact cards for you to give out/place in your car, etc., so that first responders/neighbors/family know to contact us, if needed. If you pass away, are permanently unable to care for your cat due to health reasons, or move to a permanent care facility, you or your designated contact arranges to transport the cat(s) to us. We will care for your cat as long as it takes, in order to find it a new loving home.

What are the Terms of Service? We require that your cat(s) get annual vet checkups and required vaccinations, and the records be sent to us by the start of a new term year. For cats ages 8+, we also require that you send us senior blood work results every year of your contract. More specific terms of service are in your contract, please read it thoroughly before signing.

Can I cancel my contract? Yes, at any time. You have up to 10 days from date of contract signing to cancel and get a full refund, minus any boarding used. After 10 days, you will be refunded 50% of the unused portion of the Term Year, minus any boarding used. 

What if my cat dies during my coverage period? If you would like to adopt another cat, you can sign the new cat up for the remainder of the Term Year. (Current vet records and senior bloodwork if age 8+, still apply.)  If you decide not to adopt another cat, you will be refunded 50% of the unused portion of the Term Year, minus any boarding used. (If you adopt one of our available cats, adoption fee is waived.)

What if I have 2 or more cats on the plan and one of my cats die? If you adopt another cat, you can sign that cat up for the remainder of the policy term. If you choose to not get another cat, you will be refunded 50% of the unused portion of the Term Year’s coverage at the 2nd cat price, minus any boarding used. 

What if I add a cat to an existing term policy? The discount for a second cat will be honored. 

What if I move out of the northern Virginia area while under contract? You or your designated contact is still responsible for arranging to get the cat(s) to us if needed. If you would like to cancel instead, regular cancellation policy applies. 

My cat doesn’t like other cats, can he be separated? Yes, it can be done without isolating the cat. Your cat will never be stuck in a room, alone all day.

Will my cat go outside in your care?
We have an enclosed deck from which they can safely watch nature.

What if my cat gets sick in your care? He will be medically treated. If the illness is severe, we will let a vet determine if quality of life is such that continued treatment is warranted, or if euthanization is the humane choice.

What happens if my cat’s new family returns him?
We will always take back our cats, at no charge, and adopters are expected to bring the cat back to us, as opposed to anywhere else.  We will find out what happened (if anything), so we can remedy the situation if possible, and care for the cat until it is rehomed again. 

What if my cat can’t be rehomed?  We work very hard to place all of our cats, no matter the age or health condition. If a cat has no approved adopter, they can stay with us, comfortable and loved, till the end of their lives. Though we will help a cat maintain quality of life with diet and medical care, if/when our vet practice has determined that a cat is suffering and/or has poor quality of life, it will be humanely euthanized by a veterinarian. 

NoVa Cats Rest Assured is a registered 501 (c)(3) non profit. Does that mean my policy fees are tax deductible? No, the IRS considers that “program service revenue”, and it is not tax deductible. However, any straight donations to NoVa Cats Rest Assured are tax deductible. More information on donations, bequests, and the Pay it Forward Program on the donations tab. 
(Donations tab is currently disabled, please contact us if need be.) 

Can I make a donation/bequest?
  Yes, you have several options, more information on those and the Pay it Forward Program on the 
donations tab. (Donations link is currently disabled, please contact us if need be.)