Peace of Mind

With NoVa Cats Rest Assured, your cat will be cared for when you are no longer able to be there for them. Without a plan, it's very possible your cat will end up in a cage, frightened and confused. A rescue's priorities are to save shelter animals, so they may not have space when your cat needs it. While shelters have come a long way, cages or condos are no substitute for a home environment with personal attention. Older pets take longer to find homes, and are more vulnerable to illness and depression in a cage facility. Sadly, in some areas, even healthy pets may be euthanized due to lack of space or resources. Let us remove the anxiety about your pet’s future. 

Cageless 1-on-1 Care

No matter what, your kitty will never set paw in a cage with us. In a private home, your cat will be loved and treated like family. They will have access to beds, couches, sunny windows, play areas, cat tv, and even an enclosed catio. If your cat has a special diet or needs medication, or medical attention, they will receive it. No matter how long it takes to be matched with just the right home, your cat will be cared for in comfort with us. Take advantage of our complimentary boarding that is included with every policy!  Free yourself from the worry, your cat's cozy future is assured with us.

Forever Homes

Once your cat is in our care, we will work to place them in a loving home best suited to their personality, using a vetted application process. We can also arrange for an update to be given to you or a designated person. A few weeks after adoption, we will check in with the adopters to see that kitty has acclimated, and offer behavioral support if needed, to ensure a happy ending for all.  Provide for your cat's future with NoVa Cats Rest Assured.

Who We Are

Executive Director, Stefanie Sacripante

For 13+ years, Stefanie has worked with shelters and rescues in many capacities, but her true calling has always been matchmaking senior cats with forever families. Since 2014, she has tirelessly spotlighted older adoptable cats through her organization NoVa Cats Advocacy, and to date has been instrumental in facilitating hundreds of cat adoptions. Over the years, Stefanie saw the same heartbreaking situation again and again;  older pets were being surrendered because their owner died or couldn’t care for the pet due to their own advanced age. And she saw more than a few cases where cat owners had  prepared for their pet’s future, but it turned out the designated caregiver did not or could not care for the cat. Either way, a loved pet ended up in a cage, bewildered and scared. Stefanie also was bothered by the thought of an owner, relocating to a permanent care facility, left wondering what became of their loyal companion. Did their kitty find a new home?  Or…was their beloved pet unnecessarily euthanized? These issues were the seeds of NoVa Cats Rest Assured.

For over 10 years, Stefanie volunteered at the local shelter, throwing 'cat parties' in order to showcase the older cats, she wrangled cats for photo shoots, wrote bios, and staunchly advocated  for the most overlooked residents when talking to potential adopters. She is currently an At-Large Board Member and longtime foster for Fancy Cats and Dogs Rescue, and part of their social media team. In addition, she also has been part of Cat Hustler's The Acatemy road show, giving talks on how to market adult and especially senior cats.  Stefanie's marketing methods are included in the Foster Care Marketing Guide published by nationally known Maddie's Fund, and she has also been a Guest Blogger for their Chew on This series.  Locally, Stefanie's work has been lauded by the Fairfax Connection newspaper, the Fairfax County Animal Shelter, and Volunteer Fairfax.

In creating NoVa Cats Rest Assured, Stefanie offers a simple solution to a very common pet parent problem. Between her stellar track record of personalized service, and a locally-known reputation for matchmaking older cats with new families, NoVa Cats Rest Assured's clients, both human and cats, are guaranteed to be in very good hands. 

Cathy McCullough Awad
Board Member

Cathy is the Executive Director of Fancy Cats and Dogs Rescue Team, which has  placed over 15,000 cats into new, loving homes to date. Compassion and a mission to prevent euthanasia is what spurred Cathy to start FCDRT in 1997, and remain at its heart to this day.

Julia Grosz
Board Member

Julia is the Executive Director of Cat Hustler, a nonprofit that empowers rescue volunteers and fosters to hone their cat-marketing abilities through education and community-building events. Among her many programs is The Acatemy, a national conference that celebrates cat rescue volunteers and their achievements.

Food Taster / Bellwether

14 year old Monty was adopted from Fancy Cats after being surrendered to a shelter when his owner passed away. He is paying his good fortune forward by acting as NVCRA's bellwether. A mellow soul, Monty is an excellent gauge for telling whether adoptable cats can live with others.